“Dr. Butterfly’s Kids” is a family feature film full of suspense, laughs and surprising twists. It combines a gripping story about the protection of endangered butterflies and a touching tale about repairing 8-year-old Jan’s relationship with his father.

Jan makes his daddy turn into a butterfly. To save him, the boy must prepare an antidote encrypted in the Secretive Book of Nature and Adventure. It turns out that it is connected with a meadow that soon is about to be entered by bulldozers. The road is going to be built here. It is an idea of ​​Jan’s mother, the mayor of the village, who wants to help financially the inhabitants of the commune and her family. She does not believe Jan that his father has turned into a butterfly. That is why, Jan and his sister Ida (12) let their imagination run wild and set up a hilarious plan of action. Their imagination has no limits. Will they be able to save their daddy this way? If not, they will lose their father forever.

Through engaging actions and funny adventures, the film teaches about the value of cooperation and the unifying power of nature.

Genre: Family
Format: Live-action/Full-length
Target Audience: 6+, Families with Children

Directed by: Artur Pilarczyk 
Screenplay by: Wojciech Mikołuszko, Ewa Konopko
Producer: Ewa Konopko
Production: ARIA FILM
Co-producer: Wajda Studio
Co-finance: Polish Film Institute 

Project developed with SCRIPT programme, Wajda School

M:brane Forum – Official Selection 2021: Main Pitch

Project developed with Cinekid Script LAB 2021-2022

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